A talk about “The Periodic Table”

TUESDAY, 7 JUNE | 6:00 pm

  • Conference: “Primo Levi, Literature and the Periodic Table”, by Yolanda Pérez-Cortés
    Yolanda Pérez-Cortés is a full professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • Projection of the documentary: L’interrogatorio. Quelgiorno con Primo Levi (2014), Alessandro Levratti, Mattia Levratti, Ivan Andreoli, Fausto Ciuffi..
    In May 1986, Primo Levi was in Pesaro with some secondary school teachers and students to answer a multitude of questions about his books. Twenty-seven years later, the same protagonists meet together once more, to see the images of that day again, and from their memories, they talk to us about Levi’s exceptional testimony.

THURSDAY, 9 JUNE | 6:00 pm

  • Conference: “Argon, an element to consider the diaspora of the Catalan Jews”, led by Sílvia Planas
    Sílvia Planas is the Director of the Jewish History Museum (Girona).
  • Music recital “Pure and simple as Abigail”, Hebrew poems by Catalan Jews set to music by Rosa Zaragoza
    Led by Rosa Zaragoza, vocals; Rusó Sala, vocals and guitar; Miriam Encinas, percussions; and Eduard Iniesta, baglamas, bouzouki and guitar.


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This activity forms part of the Primo Levi cycle. The witness, the writer, the scientist.

  • Dimarts, 7 de juny A les 18 h
  • Dijous, 9 de juny A les 18 h

Sala Moragues.
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