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Sala Villarroel [1]

It houses the exhibition Barcelona 1700. From Stones to People. In an area of approximately 350 m², most of the objects found on the archaeological site are on display using a range of exhibition materials, enabling visitors to explore everyday life in the city during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The sunlight entering the room through the façade windows is controlled with curtains. It is air conditioned, with a temperature of between 21 and 25 degrees. Maximum capacity for 256.

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Sala Casanova [2]

It houses the temporary exhibitions, with the versatility of formats allowed by the available area of approximately 350 m².

The temperature is maintained between 21 and 25 degrees, and curtains control the entry of sunlight through the façade windows. Maximum capacity is 256 people but can vary depending on the exhibition.

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Sala Moragues [3]

It is a multipurpose room of 350 m² that adapts to the needs of each event. It has retractable seating, modular stage, chairs, head table, lighting by sectors, overhead and side dimming systems, and so on.

The room is air conditioned and equipped with a simultaneous interpretation booth, a 6 × 4 meters motorised screen, projector, public address system and audiovisual control booth.

It has a capacity for 280 people, although this can be changed with the arrangement of various elements. In addition to technical control, the room has a second workshop with storehouse, toilets (also adapted for wheelchair users) and a small dressing room area for performers.

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Sala Castellví [4]

It is a multipurpose room, air conditioned, with toilets, equipped with a 5 x 2,9 meters videowall, tables, chairs and barstools. It also offers a bar and an office equipped with catering material.

Capacity for 160 people, variable depending on arrangement.

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Auditorium-function room [5]

The annex building, at number 5 Comercial Street, has a small auditorium-function room with maximum capacity for 70 people.
It is divided into two levels: a raised wooden platform with steps on both sides that acts as a stage, and the lower level, where audience chairs can be arranged to suit each event.
The room is equipped with two screens, two projectors and sound equipment.

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