The exhibition ended on April 16, 2023.

Another end. THE REMAINDER

Art and anti-Francoism

El Born Culture and Memory Centre displays the exhibition “Another end. THE REMAINDER. Art and  antifranquism” bringing together works by twenty contemporary creators from several generations who turn the memory of those silenced by the regime into artistic material. 


Another end looks between the cracks of exceptional biopolitical circumstances in terms of the governance of social life, economic and labour relations, sexual and reproductive relations, and production and transmission relations of the symbolic universe under Francoism. This project does not claim to be exhaustive or comprehensive. We want to update and open up commemorative exercises to other lines of observation – some very well developed from the perspective of historiography, and others less so – based on the works of a selection of artists who have set their gaze on places that sometimes seem irrelevant, but which nevertheless give us points of reference for what were examples of cultural resistance in a physically and morally devastated society. We aim to address the silenced yet continued existence of defiance. As expressed at the beginning of Joan Brossa’s poem Final, we share the wish: «Havies d’haver fet una altra fi» (You should have had another ending).*

The selection of works in this exhibition is the anchor and the corpus constructed from everything and everyone criminalised, invisibilised and exiled, which we call THE REMAINDER. An account that lifts the carpet of Francoism and, from the dust swept under it, reweaves several potential or imaginable genealogies in a necessary exercise of reparation that every community deserves.

Another end. THE REMAINDER is far removed from the large, robust monument. It is an account based on fragilities, desires and remnants on a human scale, shunning the binarisms that superimpose one form of violence onto another without asking new questions relevant to new times. Historical memory should serve not only to stitch together our personal and collective stories, but also to situate them politically beyond the show, thereby starting to consolidate new endings.

*It seemed important to us to replace Another ending with Another end in reference to the possibility of change, of a different purpose.

CURATORSHIP: Nora Ancarola and Amanda Cuesta

ARTISTS: Pep Agut, Alán Carrasco, Domènec, Marcelo Expósito, Dora García, Maria Amparo Gomar Vidal, Carles Guerra, Antoni Hervàs, Concha Jerez, Lola Lasurt Bachs, Marco Noris, Ndong Obama, Filiberto Obama Nsué, Ana Teresa Ortega, María Ruido, Joan Anton Serra Ollé, Jaume Serra Torelló, Francesc Torres, Guillem Viladot.


Nora Ancarola and Amanda Cuesta, curators, explain the project to us, and the artists present their works:


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