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A different end. THE REMAINDER

Art and anti-Francoism

Un altre fi” [Another end] looks inside the cracks of exceptional bio-political circumstances in terms of the governing of social life and economic and employment relations, sexual and reproductive relations and the relations of production and transmission in the symbolic universe of Francoism. This project does not aim to be exhaustive or comprehensive. Merely to open up and update commemorative exercises, towards other lines of observation — some, but not all, already well trodden in historiography — based on the works of a selection of artists who have set their sights on places that may seem irrelevant at times, but which provide us with points of reference for what were examples of cultural resistance in a physically and morally devastated society. We aim to address the silenced continuations of defiance. As with the start of Joan Brossa’s poem, Final, we share the wish: “Havies d’haver fet una altra fi”. [You should have had another end].

The selection of works acts as the anchor point and forthcoming body based on everything criminalised, invisibilised and banished which we call THE REMAINDER. A narrative that looks under the carpet of Francoism to find the dust and use it to weave back together some possible or imaginable genealogies, in a necessary exercise of reparation that the entire community deserves.

Un altre fi. LA RESTA” [Another end. THE REMAINDER] is far removed from the large and resounding monument, a narrative based on frailties, desires and cuts on a human scale, moving away from the binarisms that superimpose violence on another without opening up new questions in our times. We should use historical memory to suture our personal and collective narratives and to enable their political realisation, beyond shows, and thereby start to consolidate new endings.


Artists: Pep Agut, Alán Carrasco, Domènec, Marcelo Expósito, Dora García, Maria Amparo Gomar Vidal, Carles Guerra, Antoni Hervàs, Concha Jerez, Lola Lasurt Bachs, Marco Noris, Ndong Obama, Filiberto Obama Nsué, Ana Teresa Ortega, María Ruido, Joan Anton Serra Ollé, Jaume Serra Torelló, Francesc Torres, Guillem Viladot.

An exhibition curated by Nora Ancarola and Amanda Cuesta (La Caníbal)

Exhibition design: Las Gardenias

  • Del 17 de novembre al 16 d'abril de 2023

El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria.

Activity in català, castellà i anglès.

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