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Piano concert and recital of fragments of Primo Levi’s works

Don’t Forget about that. – A Primo Levi, in memoriam is a piece with which the composer Sira Hernández wanted to remember the work of the great writer Primo Levi, a witness to one of the most terrible and shameful events of humanity: the creation of extermination camps such as Auschwitz. This composition aims to be an admonition to always keep lucidity alive and to focus on the value of solidarity among people.

The interpretation of this piece of music will be accompanied by the recital of fragments of some of Primo Levi’s works: If this is a man, The Truce and The Drowned and the Saved. In these works, we find the foundations of Levi’s experience when describing survival and death in Auschwitz and the Auschwitz-Monowitz camps, the attempt to get back to normal after the war had ended, the author’s training as a witness and the reflection on the meaning of conveying the experience.

The reading will be given by the Italian actress Cristina Giordana and the Catalan actor Francesc Orella, under the direction of Judith Pujol.

  • Sira Hernández is an outstanding pianist and classical music performer who has developed her most creative facet through the composition of her own works. She has worked on various artistic projects along with dancers, actors, poets and plastic artists, and has offered recitals and shows in which music enters into the dialogue with the other arts. One of these projects is Don’t forget about that, integrated into her latest record, Initiation to the Shadow, which has had a great impact all over the world.
  • Actor Francesc Orella has received numerous awards for his career in the world of cinema, theatre and television, especially in his leading role in Merlí produced by TV3.
  • The actress, Cristina Giordana has developed her career in both Italy and Spain. In Barcelona, she founded the Laboratorium Theatre Bcn España in 2010 (collaborating with Sala Beckett, the Sedeta Civic Centre and the UAB, among others) and she also directed the Teatre Akadèmia between 2015 and 2017.
  • Judith Pujol is a playwright who combines theatrical direction with teaching and cultural management. She has been the artistic coordinator of the Teatro Español in Madrid and she is currently the Stage Director at the TNC.

Composition of texts from If this is a man, The Truce and The Drowned and the Saved: Marta Marín-Dòmine
Interpretation: Cristina Giordana and Francesc Orella
Visuals: Magda Puig

This activity forms part of the Primo Levi cycle. The witness, the writer, the scientist.

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  • Diumenge, 8 de maig A les 18 h

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Activity in Catalan.


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