The welcome evil

Installation by Francesc Torres at El Born CCM

The artist Francesc Torres provides a complex answer to the question ‘Why war?’ through the symbolic language of art.

An egg’s fragility becomes the centre of the installation ‘The welcome evil’, where ambiguity and double meaning become radical. The object hangs in the air by its hair, between a war ambulance and a concrete wall. The piece exists in an intermediate, liminal territory, reflecting an extremely precarious equilibrium in the same way that everything that maintains peace before war begins is precarious.

The installation stages the tensions inherent to war conflicts and aims to question the visitor and force them to think about their historical prevalence. War unleashes destruction, but it is also a driving force. Can it be avoided?

The ‘The welcome evil’ installation by the artist Francesc Torres, located at the main entrance to the centre, is a project specifically designed for El Born CCM and is part of the exhibition project Per què la guerra? (Why war?), which will be open to the public from spring 2024.


Vestíbul d’El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria.

Activity in Catalan, Spanish and english.

Free entrance

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