• Una infància sota les bombes

A childhood under the bombs


“A childhood under the bombs” gives us an insight into the lives of the many girls and boys who were forced to take part in a war that cut short their childhood before they were able to tell right from wrong. It left permanent—if not always visible—scars on those who managed to survive.

The exhibition is divided into three areas. The first area evokes the Barcelona of 1938 and the impact of bombing on the city and the people. The second area features the boys and girls who witnessed the conflict, presenting their drawings of what they saw and experienced. The last area penetrates the universe of adults who suffered bombard- ment when they were children and explores the languages they used throughout life to express—as a necessity and a commitment—what it means to have survived the bombs.

This discursive thread connects past and present, and finally invites us to reflect on a world in constant conflict from the viewpoint of today.

Guided tour:

From Tuesday to Sunday, 18 h, in catalan.

Duration: 1 h.

Book your English, French or German guided tour by calling (+34) 93 256 68 50 on weekdays (except holidays), between 9.30 am and 7.00 pm, or by sending an email to: reserveselbornccm@bcn.cat.


  • Del 27 de setembre de 2018 al 31 de març

El Born CCM. Mercat del Born, Plaça Comercial, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Espanya

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