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Dentro de mí estoy bailando

Direction: Leandro Koch, Paloma Schachmann, Austria, Argentina, 2023
Duration: 117 min.
VOSC (Original Version Spanish Subtitles)

Argentinean cameraman Leandro makes a living filming Jewish weddings. At one of his jobs, he falls in love with Paloma, the clarinettist of the klezmer band. To seduce her, he pretends to be filming a documentary about traditional Yiddish folk music. What Leandro doesn’t know is that his “fake” film project will lead him on an unscripted journey across Eastern Europe in search of the last remaining klezmer melodies.

GWFF Best First Feature Award – Berlinale 2023.

Introduction by Sara Belbeida, Comissionada de Relacions Ciutadanes i Diversitat Cultural i Religiosa, and Daniela Rosenfeld,  director of the Jewish Film Festival of Barcelona.

Leandro Koch, Paloma Schachmann, Perla Sneh, Rebeca Ianover, César Lerner, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Lukas Rinner, Vanya Lemen, Ivan Popovych, Simkhe Nemet

This activity is part of the Festival de Cinema Jueu.


Sala Moragues.
El Born CCM


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